Border Concepts, Inc. (BCI) designed and built its line of carts per our customers' requests. BCI used the valuable experience and input from these customer to design the best fucntion, most reliable carts on the market.

Ball Carts
  • New Industry innovations allows Ball Carts to move most landscape materials sold today.
  • Advanced pick-station for root ball and containers.
  • Utility T-Tray adds to functionality.
  • Balanced for optimal leverage and roll.
  • Gate friendly - all models fit through standard gates and some even doorways.
  • Versatile rib construction - support both small/large containers, root balls, boulders, and pavers.
  • Handles up to 65 gallon containers.
  • Wide movement tires for maximum stability and agility through mud, gravel, and rough terrain.
  • Heavy Duty - 1200-1600 lbs capacity.

Retail Carts
  • Varying tray dimensions to fit a variety of aisle sizes.
  • Grease fittings on all 4 wheels.
  • Flat free tires available.
  • Wide wheel bases for stability.
  • Heavy Duty - 600-1000 lbs capacity.

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Utility Tray for 90490
Utility Tray for 90500
Utility Tray for 90550
Farm Wagon: Complete
Farm Wagon: Complete
Item #: 90314

Side Rail Kit for 90301