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A Crab Pot Tree is a unique creation made from green coated crab trap mesh. The trees come in 1 1/2', 2' 3' 4' 6', and 8' tall versions and can be used indoors or out.

To use outdoors, we recommend anchoring the trees to the earth with several anchor wires (included) in case of wind.

For interior use, they can be placed on the floor, or on a low table or even opened halfway and hung on the wall!

The trees are made "pre-strung" with lights and fold flat for storage. Imagine, a tree you never have to string lights on! Just unfold and secure the sides together with twist ties! Your tree is ready to decorate!

They are exciting with decorations, as seen above, or at night (below).

In the yard after dark, the trees take one a magical appearance. Here you see 3', 4' and 6' varieties, strung only with lights.

These trees are durable enough to be used in your yard year after year, where they "magically" twinkle as you walk or drive by.

You can also use the trees as a "half-tree" wall decoration! Open your Crab Pot Tree half way, and hang on the wall.

Bring a coastal theme to you holiday decor by decorating the tree with shells, fish, floats, net and other nautical items. Or trim the tree for other occasions.

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