32" Tomahawk, With Holes, Unpainted

SKU: 82101-WH

32" Tomahawk, With Holes, Unpainted, Case of 10 **Product is unpainted by design. Product may show rust upon receipt, but this will not hinder its utility or effectiveness. No claims due to rust accepted.**




  • Up to 3" caliper
  • Below ground tree stabilizing
  • No more above ground hazards or obstacles
  • Eases maintenance
  • Notched for guying in extreme wind
  • Holes for fertilizing
  • Simplifies deep root watering
  • Promotes healthier root and trunk growth
  • No hose, clamps, wire or twine needed
  • Easy & quick to install
  • Finished grade
  • Strong
  • Reuse, if desired
  • No removal necessary
  • No tree girdling
  • Two sizes available
  • Use driving tool to install (included in each box)
  • Two tomahawks per tree unless noted otherwise
  • Made in the USA

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