Cart Utility T-Tray, 28", Yellow

SKU: 90505

Cart Utility T-Tray, 28", Yellow




  • Yellow cart depth: 28"
  • Utility T-Tray depth: 25"
  • New industry innovations allow ball carts to move most landscape materials sold today
  • Advanced pick-station for root balls and containers
  • Superior scoop for ease of use
  • Balanced for optimal leverage and roll
  • Wide movement tires for maximum stability and ease of use through mud, gravel and rough terrain
  • Fits through 36? wide gates or doors
  • Versatile rib construction- latticed ribs support both small and large containers, rootballs, boulders and pavers
  • Handles up to 65 gallon containers
  • Heavy duty 1200 lb. and 1600 lb. capacity
  • Made in the USA

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